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What flooring is best over concrete?

What flooring is best over concrete

The Best Flooring Options for Over Concrete For years, homeowners have been looking for ways to improve the appearance of their concrete surfaces by installing various types of flooring. They may want something that they can lay themselves, or they may want the flooring installed by a professional. Whatever option they select, they will want…

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Does flooring go under stove?

Does flooring go under stove

Do Floors Go Under Stoves? Here’s a common question we hear: “Do floors go under the stove?” The answer is yes. However, you’ll want to move your refrigerator and stove out of the way so that you can install flooring under them. When deciding whether or not to install a new floor, one of the…

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What order should I redo my kitchen?

What order should I redo my kitchen

A Step-by-Step Guide to Kitchen Remodeling In this post, we’ll walk you through the entire planning process for a kitchen remodel, from beginning to end. We’ll assist you in determining your budget, selecting the right contractor, and making all of the other decisions that will make your dream kitchen a reality. Step 1: Installing plumbing…

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